School of Computer Engineering, Huaihai Institute of Technology

The School of Computer Engineering (SCE) is a comprehensive and professional entity offering undergraduate programmes in the fields of software engineering, network engineering and computer science and technology. Our School also fosters a vibrant culture for undertaking cutting-edge research to innovate viable technologies and solutions for a wide variety of domains. SCE is currently organized into three departments - department of software engineering, department of network engineering and department of computer application technology. Several research centers on modern software engineering, IOT & embedded system, intelligent information processing and virtual simulation are also affiliated with the School. Our school is made up of more than 80 faculty, research staff, administrative staff, and over 1,000 undergraduate students.

In recent years, SCE has grown significantly. In the year 2008, Our second level discipline“Computer Application Technology”was established as the Jiangsu provincial key discipline, which was upgraded as the top level provincial key discipline (Computer Science and Technology) in 2011. Over four million yuan of governmental funds was supported for our team build-up and research development. Over the past five years, we have accomplished more than twenty ministerial and provincial level projects. And a further 15 research projects were supported mainly by industrial enterprises. Our faculties have received 7 scientific research awards at city level or above, and have been granted 3 patents and 20 software copyrights. In 2009, we launched a joint graduate programme in computer application technology together with China University of Mining and Technology.

Our school values highly both training and teaching. In the last five years, we have accomplished 37 projects aiming to reform education and teaching at school and provincial level, published 15 textbooks and received 48 teaching awards at school and provincial level. The undergraduate programmes “Computer Science Technology” was awarded the province’s feature specialty in 2009. At present, all of our three undergraduate programmes (EE, NE, CST) are nominated to join the “Excellent Top Level Undergraduate Programme” project led by the provincial department of education. Special fund will be provided for these subjects for high level construction.

With elegant environment and well-equipped laboratories, our school is an excellent place to do research. Over the past five years, SCE has received more than seven million funds from the central and local governments. A number of research centers and laboratories (Lab of Marine Internet of Things, Virtual Simulation, Network and Information Security, Large-scale Software Engineering, Center of Mobile Device and Embedded System Research and Development, and the Center of High-performance Cloud Computing) allow us to provide a richer experience to our staff and students, thereby further strengthening our teaching and research relevance.

Currently, our main research interests include the following areas: SaaS based MIS systems, sensor network and IOT applications, theory and application research in social media and social network, network security, virtual simulation platform development for marine, city space, computer-aided training, and industrial process.

Our vision is to dominate as a world-class institution. Looking ahead, SCE will continue to excel in the teaching of its core areas of computer engineering and computer science, and in the undertaking of basic and applied research in areas of strategic importance. We are confident that our students and faculty will be the important drivers of change and problem solvers in this modern, always-on, always-connected world.